In response to the British government’s recent statements on the employment of non-British workers in the United Kingdom, the Equality Act 2010 protects any worker in the UK from discrimination on grounds of nationality. It is unlawful for any employer to prefer a British employee on the basis of nationality.

The British government has also suggested it will introduce legislation to require businesses in the UK to disclose the proportion of non-British workers they employ. As at 30th September 2016, our employees, contractors and associates fall into the following categories: EU Nationals 70%, UK Nationals 10%, Dual Citizenship Nationals 20%.

We are proud of our multi-national approach to our international business and the contribution we make to the UK economy. We will continue to welcome any application for employment or for the provision of services from non-British nationals or companies. We encourage students, including foreign students, at UK universities to apply for internships.